The greatest party ever!

10 years – it’s really a lot! Therefore, our company was something to remember!
On the anniversary party we had so much fun spending time together! There were team building activities, we engaged in extreme sports, worked together, analyzed past 10 years, planned for the future, listened to music and danced. And for that, all received bonuses and exchanged them for gifts!
So it will be one more huge flashback to the collection of friendly SPD-UKRAINE!

There’s no more words left after the celebrating of our anniversary! Just have a look on these photos! Please don’t be jealous!

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A week ago, our company celebrated its anniversary. We celebrated a decade. We will not write about the fact that we are the best ones. You know it. But this week you will see a lot of pictures of the greatest party of all time!


Happy Easter!

SPD-Ukraine congratulates you on the wonderful Easter! We wish you happiness, warmth, light, peace and love!
And we share some photos from our celebrations in Cherkasy and Kyiv offices !!

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Our brand new game!

Fantastic news! Remember, once we’ve already shared with you happy news that we have a direction of game development now? So, we released another funny puzzle game for our partners AWEGA! Hit the Fresh!

Google play

Programming contest

Cherkasy IT Cluster supported the programming contest which was held this Saturday at the CNU! We certainly have congratulated the winners and participants personally, but welcome here again! You are great, keep it up!


IT Career day

An adorable event has passed! We gave away 2kg of caramels and earned the DOMS of cheeks smiling! Instead, we’ve got a pretty huge stack of questionnaires and supply of energy from young students! Also, we invite everybody to the SPD summer camp! We thank the organizers for a great event!0031 0068 0222 0262

Women’s day!

Men of SPDUkraine congratulated their beautiful girls. The motto of this day was the phrase: “shock, amuse, surprise!” For our most beautiful ladies, there was an orchestra, a sea of flowers, as well as a little flirting with the gallant mime. And surprises do not end there! Stay tuned!

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Charity muffins

You know, we are so shocked by what incredible people work in SPD-Ukraine! We usually do not advertise this kind of activities, but it was a very special day! Today homemade charity muffins dedicated to the Day of Fight Against Cancer collected record 110,000 UAH !!! We hope this amount will speed up the recovery of a wonderful boy! We are all so touched that we have no more words. Only two: good wins!

Our project was acquired by Blackhawk Network!

We’ve got great news. Just recently one of our key projects received a new round of financing, and yesterday another our big project NimbleCommerce was acquired by Blackhawk Network! (it is a public company with a market capitalization of more than $2 billion). This is a unique event for IT in Cherkasy and even for the Ukrainian market in general.

The news has been already spread by key resources:

Yahoo. FinancePR Newswire

We are really proud of the fact that the first line of code and the first table in the database of the project NimbleCommerce has been entirely designed for our customers by SPD-Ukraine team. And now NImbleCommerce is becoming the main tool in Blackhawk Digital!