Sea Day in SPD!

Cloudy weather? Chilly?
SPD-Ukraine team decided to lift itself up thinking about the sea. Celebrating The International Day of the Sea we have listened to the sounds of waves, photographed, talked pirate phrases and had the sea-tattoos done!
The sea is closer if you think about it!)

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Big opening!

We are so happy to announce that today we celebrate the big opening of SPD-University!

Congratulations to those who passed, and for those who couldn’t – we recommend useful resources and believe that the next time you will become our students !!


We won the CherITy fest again!

You will be surprised (?) but we won again !! In the wonderful festival of sport and good deeds CherITy – 2016! SPD-Ukraine team confirmed once again that it is the fastest, the strongest and just the best! Thanks to all who contributed to our victory and charity for our common goal! Proud of each of you!

Summer challenge

SPD-Ukraine celebrated Independence Day in a very special way. We formed a team that took part in the team building festival “Summer challenge”.
During the day, participants and fans did next:
😊 with dignity passed 25 locations
😉 got a lot of emotions and bruises
😌 got wet under the rain
😜 got an award for the “unity of spirit”!
And most importantly – enjoyed time spent together!

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We are the best in streetball!

Yeah! Congratulations to SPD-Ukraine with a victory! Our players Anton Lookin, Andrei Kharsun and Denys Vysochin, thank you guys for your great streetball play! Proud of you!!

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Summer Camp graduation

Friends, we have good news!
Last Friday we held the last Session of the SPD Summer Camp!
Our students surprised us with their creativity and presented very cool startups!
Congratulations to our graduates!

Here are all the memories of how it was!

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Registration is now open!

Very worried, of course, but at the same time very happy to announce the registration to our university!
Recall that until 10 September you can register for one of three courses! Education is free, prepared by the best specialists in their areas of the city! Time to register and tell your friends!

Register here!


We are great in table tennis!

This weekend we held the championship in table tennis before CherITy – 2016! There were many worthy contenders, thanks to everyone who came, the atmosphere was very positive! Before the semifinals got four players from different companies of the city, and we are proud that SPD-Ukrainian Sergey Govorukhin is among them! Keep it up!! 🙂

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SPD Summer Camp has started!

Hello, Friends!  We are pleased to announce that since Monday our project SPD Summer Camp has been successfully going! There were many of those who wanted to attend a course. Unfortunately, we couldn’t place everyone. But we found a compromise and will publish presentations and lecture notes, which have been read!

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